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Product Specifications
Materials Zinc Alloy
FingerPrint Capacity 200
Password Capacity 8 group (6-12 digits)
Virtual Password 36 digits (Anti Peep password)
Log Capacity 3,000
Verification Type Fingerprint, Password, Mechanical Key
Voice Prompt English (Available to Customize others)
FingerPrint Sensor Optical (500 DPI)
FingerPrint Identification Time ≥1s
FingerPrint Verification Mode 1:N
FingerPrint False Acceptance ≥0.001% Rate (FAR)
FingerPrint False Rejection ≥0.1% Rate (FARR)
Low Voltage Alarm with LED 6 Vindication
Power Supply DC9V (6PCS AA Alkaline Battery)
Current Consumption Peak Current <120mA, Average Current <45mA
Battery Life 3000 Times (approx. 1 year)
Door Thickness 40mm-110mm
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